Saturday, October 27, 2007


KIDS Club is a new activity at our church to offer Christian training to our elementary age children, as well as reach into the community. This has been fun for me to reach out beyond my comfort level. My kids are now adults of age to have their own kids. So, in some ways many think I have aged out of this age ministry. However, our church was lacking this teaching children the way they should go, and my conscience was hitting me hard when we vowed at a baptism that we would indeed train up children in Christ.

The activities are the basic: Bible story / lesson, crafts, music and closing. What I ask of you is prayer for the hand of God Almighty to move - -reaching hearts that are hurt, to offer activity that is Christian based, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and most of all to get me and others in the church active in our faith and witness. This work can not survive based on what I do or don't do. Instead, it must continue based on the working of God - His being living and active within our ministry. At no point should I ever say it is my own work -- instead I know that it is only by Him working that the work is done.

Would you please, pray with me? 

Husband Encouragement Challenge

It has been too long since I wrote what I have been thinking. Tonight I am many miles away from Marshall, so I can indeed step back and think... The journey with Husband Encouragement Challenge has not been easy at times, but I turn to Jesus for grace and strength to respond in ways pleasing to Him. Here are a few of the specifics that I did because of this challenge...

1. Say a prayer each morning for my husband. The focus is intended to be on thanksgiving or lifting him up with something particularly challenging to his day.
2. As we fix up our house (103 Main -- another story in itself), I have tried to involve him within each decision rather than just deciding something, buying what I need, and taking care of the project. Sometimes he says at first that he does not care -- it does not matter -- but give it a little him I find that he does have an interest in that item and usually has a strong taste or feeling. As a result, I have not acted on those "whatever" statements, but visit them again at a later time. 
3. In relation to #2 above, at times I have just gone with his choice rather than make a scene. I am trying to determine what really is important to me and state my preferences very clearly at those times. I pray that I am not just playing cat and mouse such that I get exactly what I want -- instead I do pray that I am being a partner in this project by giving and taking. 
4. At times I feel like just crawling into my own little shell and not be sociable. Over the years I see that he often takes this personally. So, I am now trying to smile when I don't feel like smiling - at least to make connection. Rather than just hiding, I can state what I am working on or hoping to accomplish. My goal is communication so that he knows he is important -- always -- not just when I feel like being nice.
5. Read my Bible every day (or as close to it as I possible can). How does this help with husband encouragement challenge? It helps me focus on God and being a servant for Him. The focus is not on my wants and needs, but on what He would desire of me in my service of Him. I find myself being "softer" -- biting my tongue or keeping my mouth shut when I want to correct or add beyond what is needed. 

There seem to be so many things, so small it is hard to write down - -or even explain. However, I will continue the challenge because our relationship as husband and wife is a reflection of Christ and  church. 

Blessings to each of you.