Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prayer of Confession

This morning at worship, the prayer of confession spoke to my heart. Although this material is copyrighted and others ought not sell it, my blog is one place that I can save it for my own reflection.

We come to you, Holy God, confident in your goodness and mindful of our brokenness. You have shown us how to live and have set before us your gift of life, but too often we see following you as another way to  prove our worth. We fill our lives with possessions and accomplishments and still struggle to feel that we are enough in the eyes of our friends and families. What do you expect from us, good Teacher? Is it really as simple and as difficult as following you? Help us to trust that nothing is impossible for you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

[Call to Worship, Vol 45.1, @2011 Office of Theology and Worship, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)]

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kingston, ON

Many historic venues to enjoy, including Queen's University, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, St. James Anglican Church, St. Mary's Cathedral, and other sights along the way.

Queen's University

Queen's something-or-the-other at Queen's University
Marshall spent several hours poking around in here while I wandered the city streets.
Churches were easy to spot with their steeples and spires lifted high in the sky. 
Unfortunately, all those lovely pictures turned sideways here on the blog, 
so I used other means to display the pictures. 
(Note: Some of these pictures were downloaded from the web for ease in viewing.)
Many of the churches were on....

Chalmers United Church

St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
St. Georges Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral

St. Mary's Cathedral

Of course, although quite a few of the churches were on Clergy Street, 
residences with the beautiful flowers seemed to connect them. 

Don't really know what this was. It looked like an altar.
Watching the ladies scurry around, the event seemed significant . 
Close up shows candles, flowers, cups, and white linen... Any ideas?

The next few pictures display the park near Queen's University. The grounds included soccer fields, play equipment, and much open space with some picnic tables scattered throughout. Several youth camp groups enjoyed the various offerings. 

Art in the city... This guy was the 4th musician seen. The first was an elementary age girl playing piano at a seemingly community piano next to the shops. The second was a young girl playing violin on the sidewalk -- collecting donations from those passing by. The third was a high school age young man playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano previously enjoyed by the young gal. This was the only musician in the park -- suspected that merchants and store owners liked his choice of location as we could hear him at least a block away. Very enjoyable surprises each time...

This particular school caught my attention. I thought it was a church, or had been one, but the sign indicates it was built originally as a public school. Quite a beautiful building...

Art by the kids...

The next few pictures are from a city project. I suspect that this area of Kingsport would not house the Queen, so this project seemed like an oasis in the midst of the residences. 

Although this is too tiny to read, the message is of the park being in memory of those who had lived here. The project was set up by the city of Kingsport to honor those that had died.

Wrong direction -- but couldn't delete this memorial as this was what the park was all about...

Kiddie pool with lifeguard (not shown).
Notice the ducks swimming -- waiting for a little one to come play. 

With much playground equipment -- although not new by any means, the kids seemed to have a grand time.
Several of  the children asked when it was time for the pool. Such delightful sights and sounds!
And then back to the city streets....
Maybe not the smallest car, but this one certainly seemed like  it at the moment. 

Favorite for anyone?

And Lake Ontario was right around the corner. 

Water and windmills -- seems like a good match here...
The trip was one to repeat if could. 
Very enjoyable with much to see. 
Nice people. Good food. And beauty in a variety of ways all around. 
For this experience, I give thanks...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Napanee, ON, Canada

We spent multiple nights here, allowing venturing into archives (Marshall) or wandering through the city (me).  Shops, flowers, interesting houses and churches captured my attention for many hours. Such fun!


Haven't seen many pets -- this cat made herself quite evident. =)

Railroad bridge -- more arches covering the water just to the right -- beautiful!

Fries anyone? Lots of these sidewalk vendors offering poutine.

Furniture store established in 1835. I bet the furniture has changed quite a bit over the years!
Lunch at the bakery and cafe proved interesting. The only sandwich fillings left were ham / cheese or tuna -- and all of these that was left the baker piled high onto homemade fresh white bread.

Green tea for me and coffee for Marsh with delicious pastries (mine was lemmon, cherry for him...) The pics below hopefully give a glimpse of the choices to select.

The owner / baker / waitress / dishwasher was delightful. The cafe area had a very welcoming atmosphere with generosity abounding. The seating included 3 tables with 2 chairs to each, plus 7 or 8 stools at the counter. As we munched our sandwiches, patrons came in - many selecting bread or bakery items to take along - while others sat down at the counter and she brought their "usual". Several others stopped in for sandwiches, but when alerted that all lunch fixins were gone (except soup) the dietary selection changed to something that was on hand. One young lad took delight in a homemade bagel with cream cheese and jelly while his brother "sacrificed" with a mile shake. Note: The milkshake was a pint of flavored mile that he shook in the plastic bottle (with a lid, of course). Their mom savored a cup of creamy broccoli / white cheddar soup. 

Later that afternoon we walked within a park.
Originally, the area for the park housed  mills at the water. 

The detail isn't really clear, but sitting on the rock in the center are about 8  goslings. 

Bird paradise it seems...